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    Creativity cannot be learned or
    copied. Creativity is a gift.

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    The liturgy of work is the person's word not looked at.
    The visible rank the person is in his work.

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    Writing is designing with words.
    Design is to write without lyrics.

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Ata Bilişim is a digital agency that believes in the power of showing what it can do rather than saying what it can do, and aims to instill confidence in its customers above all else.



After accurate needs analysis, your digital media requirements are planned.


Our expert team develops your project meticulously in the latest trends.


Your project is run with high efficiency by the ideas of our creative team.

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Web Design in Cyprus

  • Is a website a necessity for a business?

    Definitely yes. There are many types of promotion opportunities for your products and services that you have created with a lot of effort in the sector in which you operate. However, almost all of these promotional opportunities are costly and not permanent. For this reason, when web design is evaluated as cost / performance, it means a rational investment for companies.

    Web design is today's most economical and permanent advertising medium. It can advertise you 24 hours a day, uninterruptedly to the whole world, promote your products, inform people about your campaigns, and better yet, communicate with people on your behalf.

  • What should be considered when creating a website? Which features do you think are essential?

    Original Designs Should Be Preferred: Your website, which will be your showcase in general, reflects your company completely and should be designed in an original way that can best express you. For this reason, ready-made software, templates with a content management system can damage the identity of your company.

    Professional Team - Up-to-Date Technology Should Be Used: Another point to be considered in web design is that up-to-date technology should be used. The website to be built should be able to meet today's needs visually, be compatible with search engines, open quickly, and work 100% error-free on all devices and browsers, including mobile devices. A professional team consists of graphic designers, seo experts, software developers and web developers for the design of your website, only such a team can provide you with a full service.

    Choosing the Right Company: Web design is a job that requires continuity. For this reason, the company to be selected must have been doing this job for many years, have strong references, have a service network that can reach the whole island, and have a strong team.

  • What kind of advantages does a corporate website provide to the company?

    A small website investment in the virtual world will make you accessible in every aspect, strengthen your corporate image, reduce the cost of printed products, ensure the continuity of communication between your company and your customers, enable you to express yourself better, become a stakeholder in the online competition in your industry, expand your customer portfolio, and reduce your marketing expenses.

  • Can you talk a little bit about the stages of web design?

    First of all, all the graphics of the website are prepared with Photoshop or any graphic design program of equivalent quality. It is then presented to the customer and improvements are made until approval is received. The design unit transfers the project to our engineers and your website is coded with a search engine friendly structure in accordance with the most up-to-date technology. In the meantime, the original content prepared by our editors is integrated into your site and published after the project has passed stress tests.

  • There are those who manage with Facebook instead of having a website set up. How is it the right choice?

    Of course, social media should be used, but it is a huge mistake to see it as a medium that you can "manage instead of a website". It would be appropriate to consider it as a tool that you will use to attract more visitors to your website.

  • What does Ata Bilişim do in the sector? How many customers have you provided professional service to so far?

    Ata Bilişim is a local IT company that has been providing professional digital agency services since 2012. It provides web design, software development, production, seo, social media management, mobile application and consultancy services in Cyprus. It has 650 active customers, some of which are in Turkey, Japan, England and Germany through our overseas solution partners.

What We Do?

We provide web design, software development, production, seo, social media management, mobile application and consultancy services in Cyprus.

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